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alright lil nerds

9sobelle is coming tomorrow and i won’t be online a lot for the next week or so bc we’re going to rome to caboodle and stuff B)

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Anonymous asked:
Hey, in Dragon Age endings where female human noble warden marries Alistair and they become king and queen, do you think she has to constantly remind him that he's king? Because he never seemed to realize he had authority when he had it (like how he lets the warden be in charge even though he's the senior warden). Like, does he go 'Oh, no, if only we had permission to go here/do this' and she pats him on the arm and goes 'Alistair, darling, you're the KING for the Maker's sake'?


this is so cute im laughign

all i can imagine is alistair and the warden sitting in the throne room and his stomach growls and he stares mournfully into the distance and the warden is like “what is it dear” and he just sighs very heavily and messes with the edge of his crown and mumbles “i really wish i could have some cheese” like no sweetie you are the king of ferelden now you can finally have all the cheese you want you cheese obsessed fucking nerd


“You know, one good thing about the Blight is how it brings people together.”

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When they offered me this position, I asked myself what you’d do. I thought you’d take the chance to make things better.

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who needs a rogue when you can have alistair deactivate every trap by triggering them

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i haven’t drawn anything in so long can u tell

i haven’t drawn anything in so long can u tell

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Video game meme: [6/7] video games - Mass Effect 

"Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor matters. The silence is your answer."

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this upsets me

wheres that gif of patrick screaming “who are you people?” when you need it

Anonymous asked:
what actually happened at dashcon to make it so awful? ive seen lots of stuff making fun of it and complaining, but nothing explaining why


It is one of the biggest errors in world history and here’s why:




do u ever wonder if anyone else in the world is listening to the exact same song as you and on the exact same lyric as you 

no.. I am already familiar with the concept of FM radio

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You have been very quiet, Alistair.

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