this fucking facebook page i just found


this fucking facebook page i just found



im afraid my online friends are gonna meet me in person and be like “oh”

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i may not be beautiful but at least i know a lot of useless information

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Joaquin Jara

Barcelona, 1977

Joaquin Jara is a multidisciplinary artist. All of his aspects, from interventions in natural and urban environments to painting, sculpture, and experimental movies, converge on a common objective.

The portrait is displayed as an object subject to internal and external forces, those of the environment, which generate constant changes. Therefore, it will be a representation of the subject processes. An instant inside a sequence of images in continuous transformation. An image saved, which does not illustrate identity, but testifies it. An image without a possible conclusion, as it resides on instability.

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don’t you just hate it when you want to get to know someone but you have no idea what to talk about

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  1. I want this story to be written
  2. I don’t want this story to be written by anyone but me
  3. I don’t want to write this story


"masculinity is so fragile, men are afraid of pink lol"

so am i? garish sham red is terrifying.



i thought i had a crush!! but it turned out to just be a 2 day long infatuation where i was actually just bored

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do u have that one person who you kinda just 

im so happy youre alive i dont care that youre miles and miles away i just love you a lot and care for you so much

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i think I’ll ignore my new problems just like i ignored my previous ones i can’t get worse than this anyway lmao

i don’t genuinely know what i am trying to achieve anymore and i’m confused about so many things like i just need some certainties in my life??? sounds like a reasonable request to me

fkawigs yess

fkawigs i’m on my couch bc i can’t get up. my spine feels like it’s gonna break in two

i am dozing off bc of painkillers since i’m on my period BUT i’m also crying bc i want to hug all my friends like i am jealous of the ppl who get to see you everyday you NERDS

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